Senior Executive Compensation Consultant

Malvern, PA, US

November 30, 2017
Job Profile Summary

To manage global executive remuneration data and processes including benchmarking, pay analysis, technology, and annual bonus and merit planning and administration.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Manages executive benchmarking and reporting methodology and processes. Designs, develops and communicates the methodology for matching global executive positions to external market data. Reviews and makes recommendations to senior management as to appropriate surveys, peer groups, and proxy data. Generates in-depth reports and analysis for senior management.
  • Acts as the business subject matter expert on technology projects involving executive remuneration data, processes, and annual bonus and merit planning activities. Leads business support efforts involving process changes, system requirements, testing, and communications planning for systems such as PeopleSoft, Talent and Compensation Planning and CrewNet Total Rewards fields. Ensures executive processes mirror crew processes and functionality. Uses Cfe principles to design and manage the effectiveness and efficiency of executive pay processes.
  • Manages the year end bonus and merit forecasting and planning processes for executives. Designs time lines and communications for senior management coordinating with HR communications, Performance Management, Relationship Management, Compensation, and other interested parties to ensure seamless communications and processes. Designs, develops, and modifies remuneration costing models for senior leadership to aid in decision-making. Responds to questions from senior leaders throughout the year end process and assists as needed.
  • Maintains awareness of trends in executive pay practices and advises senior leadership as needed on marketplace and regulatory developments and their applicability to Vanguard. Educates and applies executive pay best practices and risk control principles to Vanguard’s programs. Acts as the in-house subject matter expert on executive remuneration. Updates, maintains, and obtains legal review and approval on executive pay program documentation.
  • Delivers compensation advice and recommendations on candidate remuneration, updates and maintains hiring spreadsheets and executive offer letters and provides related communications materials for use by employment, senior leadership, and candidates during the executive recruitment and hiring process. Acts as the main compensation point person for high level offers throughout the offer process to execution and recording of offer details in the systems.
  • Designs and develops executive remuneration reports and white papers as needed. Prepares annual executive pay reports for the board of directors.
  • Develops, updates and maintains job descriptions for Vanguard executives. Ensures changes are managed as executives move into new and different roles. Ensures all executive job changes are processed in an accurate and timely manner and that market benchmarks and job descriptions are updated accordingly. Ensures all job changes and executive fields are appropriately managed in the systems.
  • Leads and/or performs other related activities as assigned.


  • An undergraduate degree in a related field. Graduate degree preferred
  • Minimum five years general experience consisting of specific compensation experience, (preferably with two years compensation management experience from which was attained a familiarity with executive pay practices).
  • Demonstrated analytical and reporting skills, providing data and updates on complex topics in simple, easy to understand terms.
  • Excellent presentation skills for benchmark reporting, trend analysis and updates.
  • Cfe greenbelt or related certification with demonstrated ability to review existing processes and modify as needed to enhance administrative efficiency.

Special Factors

Vanguard is not offering visa sponsorship for this position.