Video Transcript

ORLANDO: My name is Orlando Mejia. I’m currently a financial analyst. And I chose to work at Vanguard because the people are genuine, the impact we make to our clients and our community. And finally, the wealth of knowledge that there is that this place has to offer completely had me attracted. Right? I’m just generally a curious person. I like to learn new things.

Just to start off, I’m from Salvadorian descent. Both of my parents are Central American. I was the first to graduate from college. I graduated in 2013 so I’ve been here for five years.

My first impression of Vanguard wasn’t so much related to its success in the financial industry. It wasn’t related to much of the technical investment aspect of it, of us managing trillions of dollars. Although that was impressive, what really impressed me the most is its commitment to helping its community and its commitment to recruiting and helping minority groups.

Currently, I’m a Financial Analyst in the Investment Data Management Team. We’re part of what’s called the Fund Financial Services Department. So at the end of day, my job is to be a data steward to make sure our internal clients have accurate and updated information. And that accurate and updated information ensures that our securities are priced correctly, thus lowering costs and thus providing the best investments for our clients.