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One Crew, Two Crew, Ready for the Interview?

Once upon a time in different lands far away, we, six students, stumbled upon an opportunity one busy college day. Dan had heard from his family how great it would be to take part in an intern program known as C2C.

Nicole learned from her school and Sam, an info-session. Client, Crew, and Community—Oh, how it caught our attention!

By word of mouth we all heard about the chance to work hard, so we all set sail to pursue a summer with Vanguard. From business to investment to IT to finance, we sent our applications in, anxiously waiting for the chance—the chance to show our talents and earn a first-round interview, a single step closer to becoming a part of Vanguard’s crew.

A recruiter called to interview us first. How we practiced so long to not come off as rehearsed. Yet, as soon as the phone rang, and the recruiter said “Hi”, we were all eager to say, “I want to work at Vanguard and here are reasons why:”

Zac desired a summer where he could be challenged and grow. We wanted to learn about the financial industry, because there is so much to know. Mahrukh strived to work for a company whose goal was to set their clients up for success and learn from crew members and interns alike to become her very best.

The recruiter said (although not in these words) that we were in good ship-shape because the C2C internship would be just the place. Since we seemed driven and talented and excited to learn, come down for an interview day in the town of Malvern. We were not alone—the day was spent with plenty of crew and other amazing students very similar to you.

One of the best parts of the day: we each found friends. And at the start of our summers, we saw those friends again. Our day was more than an interview—it was much more than this. It was a chance to see a future with Vanguard, which was our number one wish.

We had lunch with past interns and networked with leaders throughout. It was our opportunity to figure out what Vanguard’s all about. Through the buildings of Audacious and Majestic, we went on a tour—Brennan, eagerly wanting a peek of the trading floor. Look to the right, you’ll see one of the 11 food courts.

Don’t get us started on the benefits—did you know we have intramural sports? The day of the interview flew by so fast. Six interns anxiously waited to hear back – and then, at last! A recruiter called with some wonderful news—excited to welcome us as part of the crew!

We would start after Memorial Day and learn a few weeks prior to which part of Vanguard we would become the new hire. We were each given summer buddies—current employees, who had been through it all: VADP, AFP, and even C2C.

To our reader preparing for their own interview—do not be nervous, do not fret, and just be you. Because just as Vanguard’s mission is to give their investors the best chance for investment success, they are dedicated to steering you as well to be your very best. Each of our roles is unique and our summers very fun. We cannot believe that the internship is halfway done. But if you want to hear more about our orientation, the work, and the laughter, tune into our next blog to hear a happily ever after.

By: Nicole G., Daniel K., Zac M., Brennan O., Mahrukh S., & Samantha W.

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