So what is Vanguard’s campus like

Rounding out our seventh week in the internship, a quick step back allowed us to realize how Vanguard’s campus is unique. With a list of amenities that make Malvern feel like home, each of our blog members selected his or her favorite location on campus. Read on to find out more.

Nick B.: ShipShape

With three gyms located around the main and west campuses, Vanguard provides its employees with every opportunity to stay healthy and live a balanced lifestyle. Branded as ShipShape, these gyms include top of the line equipment and trainers that you would find in a full sized gym, with the convenience of being located just a short walk from your desk. Whether you’re a serious weightlifter, training for a marathon, or simply trying to get into shape, ShipShape has it all. Accessible to interns as well, it’s a great opportunity to meet up with a friend outside of work and cool down after a long day. If you’re lucky, you might even bump into Vanguard’s CEO on the rowing machine.

Stephanie H.: Quarry Ridge

The view of Quarry Ridge blows me away on 425 Old Morehall Road. This location presented an opportunity for Vanguard to work with designers and establish a more innovative control system than ever before! Walking into the building and overseeing the quarry through the windows is a beautiful sight, with views of open water and greenery extending into the horizon. This space offers a relaxing change of scenery, which I love utilizing to clear my head on busy days. It’s also excellent for having lunches with other interns or crew members and catching up on different projects and initiatives that they are working on.

Maddie S.: Morgan Galley

My favorite spot on campus is the coffee cafe located in Morgan Galley (Vanguard’s main cafeteria). In addition to brewing great coffee, the galley is the perfect spot to catch-up with fellow interns and other crew members. Whenever I go over to grab coffee in the morning, I always end up running in to someone and chatting with them for a few minutes. It’s definitely an awesome spot to network with crew from all different areas of the company.

Divesh O.: Top floor of Quarry Ridge

I love the view of the Quarry from the top floor. It’s tranquil and peaceful. I love working at a place with such dedication to a great work environment and scenery. Perhaps this is the poet in me, but I feel as though the scenery mimics the culture. We are focused, diligent and passionate about serving our clients. I compare the deliberation and questioning of designs and initiatives to the waves in the water. They are slow, precise and practiced. I enjoy following a ripple develop from the shore to the rock’s edge. It takes its time, building for about two minutes until it reaches the end, accomplished. I see this pattern in our initiatives; they develop with great care and detail and finally deliver satisfaction and value to our clients.

Matt P.: Collaborative Work Spaces

Most of my time spent at Vanguard is spent in a collaborative working environment like this one.  While it may look like a first grade classroom, our sticky notes all have value and help us to work together to plot out and solve business problems.  As an intern, working in a collaborative space allows me to feel confident in my work because should I get stuck, there are 8 other developers in the room that are happy to assist me.  Working in this kind of social environment may seem distracting at first but after a few scrums (agile framework for completing complex projects) and collaborative problem solving sessions, you begin to see its’ value.

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