10 Internship Questions

Answers to your most pressing questions about starting an internship at Vanguard

1.  When do I find out my assignment?

During your interviews, you will have the opportunity to voice where your interests lie and what kind of department you hope to be in that summer. Then, a couple of weeks prior to the internship starting, the C2C program managers send all the interns their assignments, with brief descriptions. Generally speaking, the managers are really great about matching up your interests to departments where there is need for an intern. In terms of what your day-to-day will look like, it definitely varies with your department.

2.  What will my hours be?

Working hours vary across all the Vanguard departments. Probably the most typical hours for an intern would be 8am-5pm, but that is definitely not the case for all of us. For example, if your manager wants you working an 8 hour day, but you can’t stand rush hour traffic, you might choose to work 7am-4pm so you can get home quickly. You might have days where your team leaves early, so you decide to as well. And sometimes, you might need to work overtime if there is a strict deadline that your team is working against.

3.  Do I need a car?

Not necessarily! Having a car makes transport easy, but Vanguard is really great about providing public transportation. Vanguard has several free shuttles to get you where you need to be. For example, if you stay at Villanova University during the internship, you can take Septa to Paoli Station, where free Vanguard shuttles will bring you to work (same thing on the way back).

4.  Can I take time off?

As an intern, we would recommend you not take time off unless it is something extremely important, or an emergency. You’re only here for 10 weeks, so might as well make the most of your time. That being said, you do get July 4th off.  When in doubt, ask your manager!

5.  Can I work from home?

While interns aren’t able to work from home, there are plenty of opportunities to have flexible schedules in the office.  Talk to your manager!

6.  What should I wear?

As you can see from this picture, we’re all wearing very different outfits. Josh went for what you might call a “business casual” outfit, because he had a pretty relaxed day ahead. Audra went for what you might call a “business appropriate” outfit, as we had a standard day of some meetings, a C2C event, and heads-down project work time. Megha opted for a “business formal” outfit, because on that day she had a 1-on-1 meeting with a senior leader on her team. Your work-wear will change depending on the day ahead, so a flexible wardrobe definitely helps. Also a tip: keep a blazer at your cubicle! You never know when you’ll be pulled into an important meetings.

7.  Who do I go to when I need help?

One of the nicest things about the Vanguard internship is that you always have someone to help.  You are assigned a buddy who is in one of the leadership programs to field any questions you might have, from the simple “where is the bathroom” to helping you make career decisions.  You will also have fellow Crew on your team, other interns, your intern manager, and your assignment manager.

8.  What are the intern housing options?

You are expected to live at home and commute if you live within a 50-mile radius of Vanguard. If you live outside the radius, you are eligible for housing options. They are:

  • Two-person dorms at Villanova University (free housing)
  • A stipend that will be put to a housing option of your choice (ex: an apartment in Philly)

9.  How often do interns visit Philadelphia?

Most of the interns go into the city on the weekends. Good food, fun events, museums, shopping, sports, and pretty much everything else you would want in a city is right in Philly!

10.  Do you have a best friend at work?

Yes! Whether it be another intern, a fellow Crew, your manager, or the building security guard, it’s not hard to find a best friend at Vanguard.  Having friends at work makes going to work enjoyable and you feel supported no matter what role you might move to.  Everyone is very personable and easy to talk to, so don’t be afraid to get to know your team and peers!

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