College to Corporate Internship: From One Campus to Another

Vanguard’s College to Corporate internship program is unique and different from the typical internship that you would expect. From the very first day, I was treated like a contributing member of the Vanguard team. My opinions, questions and work are all valued. Whenever I have a question, I do not hesitate to turn around and ask my manager or another member of the team. If I have the slightest problem, be it professional or personal, there are multiple crew members ready to help with genuine smiles on their faces. Questions are not only tolerated, but encouraged, and no one expects prior knowledge since the job is a learning experience. The people here are so friendly, encouraging and engaging. In fact, Vanguard offers the warmest work environment I’ve experienced thus far. Vanguard encourages every team to bond and really get to know each other. Our work teams have gone to lunches at restaurants, participated in book clubs, attended Phillies games, and thrown barbeques after work! Networking like this and in other ways such as meeting for lunch or coffee is encouraged. The program is structured such that there is a manager, program coordinator, and a buddy who all check in and see how you are adjusting to life as a Vanguard employee. There are events that provide overviews of the many different programs within the company and lunch events to meet and chat with full time crew members.

While life in the office is important, so is life outside of it. Vanguard recognizes this and creates a generous work-life balance for all its crew members. We are encouraged to schedule meetings and coffee chats to learn about different disciplines whenever the chance arises. We relish in the collaborative team environment and are happy to see each other at all times. Everyone is supportive, kind, and willing to help out their peers. We all come in to the office excited to work and learn from each other.

There are many reasons why we refer to Vanguard as a campus: the brick buildings along Vanguard Boulevard, beautiful forest and landscaping, cafeterias filled with smiling faces, and of course our wonderful classmates and teachers. The latter two refer to not only our fellow interns and managers, but also every person you meet at Vanguard! There is always an opportunity to learn something new, and you are graded not for the knowledge or technical abilities you already possess, but on your enthusiasm and willingness to handle new situations and grow as a professional. Vanguard has made this experience incredible because it really feels like you’re still at school! You’re exposed to an environment that fosters growth and learning, allows you to make new life-long friends, and is an overall amazing place to work.

– Charles K., Jodi G., Madhavi V., Grant L., & Pravadh S.

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