Still connected to the mission after 30 years

Vanguard has a wonderful tradition of recognizing crew service milestones; every 5 year anniversary is marked with a certificate and a gift. This year marked my 30th anniversary, which meant both another milestone gift and a chance to take stock of my career when a few of my best friends at work hooked me up with a special celebration.

As I said to my friends and colleagues that day, it is because of the mission and values of Vanguard and its people that I have stayed 30 years. Without those ethics, I wouldn’t have lasted 30 days. It’s pretty remarkable that 30 years later I feel as connected to the mission as I did that first year.

And why not! I’ve worked with so many different types of clients – individual investors, small and large employers, manufacturers and their employees, hospitals and universities, each with unique goals and circumstances. In each case, Vanguard was there to help and I was a part of the team. During my time serving Vanguard’s nonprofit investors I came to realize I may have the skills to give back to my own community. So while I was meeting with treasurers and investment committees during the day, I spent a few evenings and weekends a year serving on a nonprofit board for an organization serving families living in poverty. The boards I have served on benefit greatly from the skills I learned at Vanguard.

Over the course of 30 years, personal and professional accomplishments overlap and Vanguard becomes a partner as well as an employer. I earned an MBA while working at Vanguard and was reimbursed for the cost with the help of an academic assistance program for crew. At some point, I also managed to get married and adopt two children. (Vanguard helps offset the cost of adoption too!)

The other great part about a career at Vanguard is that you are empowered with financial literacy. You will save money in your 401(k) plan; you will know the difference between a Roth and Traditional IRA. And if you decide to raise children, you will fund a 529 plan with regular contributions. And along with all those accomplishments, you’ll work with great people, take some interesting vacations and wonder at your great fortune.

And if you have friends who plan a party for you when you hit your 30th work anniversary, you might get a VIP visit – including the newly named CEO, CIO, or Vanguard’s Global Chief Economist, Joe Davis, who also happens to be a great boss and a great person… AND get a personal note from our founder Jack Bogle. I was happy to share this celebration with many amazing people from all points along my career.

Did I forget to tell you what I picked out for my milestone gift? It was a kayak!

-Rebecca C.

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