Crew share fond memories of Bill McNabb as he moves on from CEO

After more than three decades of distinguished service, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bill McNabb will step down as CEO at the end of 2017. Bill will be succeeded by President Tim Buckley, but will remain chairman of the board of directors.

Crew were invited to share their thoughts on Bill’s leadership, expertise, accomplishments, and impact over the years. Crew turned out in force to offer stories, pictures, and well wishes for Bill. We’ve captured just a few of the many, many comments below.

Congratulations Bill. It’s been a remarkable 31 years.

“Bill, thank you for the impact you have made on our company, our crew, and our industry. A special thank you for the tremendous priority you placed on community outreach and support. Not only do you leave Vanguard a better place from your leadership, but you leave our communities we serve a better place as well. The community focus you have embedded in Vanguard’s culture will have a permanent impact on generations to come. I hope you enjoy this transition, and never stop making a difference in the lives of those you meet.”

-Heather C.

Bill, congratulations. Your leadership has set a tone that will carry beyond your tenure, to the careers of people who are proud to call themselves crew; to living our mission that drives us all to “give all investors…the best chance for investment success”; and to living by all ‘three C’s’ through service to clients, crew, and community. Thank you for challenging us to live and work as our best selves – it truly makes the Vanguard story our story, and investors all over the world will live a better life as a result.”

-Carlos C.

“Thank you Bill for everything you have done for our clients, crew and community and making Vanguard the best place to work for me. You have been an inspiration to all of us and we are going to miss you.”

-Babita B.

“I’ve always been grateful to work for a company like Vanguard that not only has an important mission, but that carries out that mission with the highest ethical standards.  Thanks Bill for having continued to set that tone here. It’s great to be able to take pride in the work one does every day.”

-Tim O.

“Hey Bill, looking at this photo brings a smile to my face. It was my debut as a member of senior staff. Lots of highlights Bill, here is my top 5 Bill list:

1 Client focus- building out international businesses, and your energy on serving clients globally.
2 Global mindset- no matter the setting, the culture, the country, you blend in and always adapt to how people want to be treated.
3 Positivity- the glass is always half full, and it is such a pick-up to be in your presence when we all need that little bit of positivity.
4 Fitness- in mind, body and spirit you are always learning, reading, training, and that is such an inspiration to all of us.
5 Music- you and I both have similar taste in music, and our night out at the concert shows the coolness of William McNabb.

My wife Anne is a fan of yours, and my daughter Lyla always asks me about the boss big Bill. It means so much, how you know and have connected with the James family. You have had a huge impact on me, Bill, and I still remember the call in London to accept your offer to join your team – a career highlight. Expect my call for the next concert we can go to.”

-John J.

“To know even one life has breathed more easily because you have lived, that is to have succeeded” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thank you Bill for all your time, effort and commitment to helping so many crew, clients and members of the community breathe more easily!”

-Rodliz J.

“I met Bill at a “Breakfast with Bill” event he hosted for recent college graduates in 2010 after completing my Master’s degree. A few of the things Bill said about the importance of advanced education for crew and how essential teams are for Vanguard still resonate with me today.”

-Darin Y.

“Thank you Bill for all you have done (and continue to do) for this company, our crew, and the community. Your authentic leadership, passion for our people and our business, and focus on values are hard to match – though you’ve inspired many of us, including me, to try! Enjoy this transition!”

-Kristin C.

“Thank you, Bill, for being an incredible leader and a great role model. I’ll never forget when we ended up traveling together from a meeting in Fort Worth to Omaha back in the fall of 2008, and our plane was delayed due to massive thunderstorms. We landed in Nebraska well past midnight, and you still made the car drop me off at my hotel first. (Never mind that we both got bumped from our respective hotels since it was so late!) That small act of kindness, with nary a hint of ego, inspired me to be the best possible travel companion I could be to the dozens of crewmembers I’ve traveled with over my career. I’m sure you did it without thinking twice, and to me, it spoke volumes about your character. Best of luck in the future, and I’ll close by using something that didn’t even exist when you started as CEO – a hashtag – to say #thanksBill.”

-Paul M.

Thanks Bill!

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