Vanguard crew share their tips for a strong start to the new year

This time of the year isn’t just about resolutions, it’s about starting off on the right foot. One Vanguard team compiled a list of great ways to stay motivated in the work place with actionable tips for your career and life. Here are some of their January traditions.

Make time to plan your goals

Kristin T. – During some down time over the holidays I like to jot down my big goals for the year on a napkin.  My napkin is a top 5-10 list for the year that outlines big personal, family, and work goals. I take a picture of the napkin to save it on my phone and check on the napkin list every so often throughout the year. There is something about using a napkin that makes the goals more sincere and authentic. And because it usually has a story of its own and is part of my visual memory, it sticks.

Fran D. – It’s easy to get caught up in your to-do list without having a clear eye on your goals.  The beginning of the year is a great time to take a minute to re-list your goals, keeping it to a few key ones that touch each aspect of your life (career, marriage, life, parenting, etc.). Then take stock of all of the activities you can do to meet those goals.  Start the to-do list there and see how it goes.

Shelley F. – We all know how quickly meetings with colleagues and business partners take over your schedule.  At the beginning of the year I always block time on my calendar each week for my own development. It’s a great way to focus on achieving some of the goals I have set for 2018 outside of my daily responsibilities.  Even just one hour a week makes a big difference and helps you to hold yourself accountable.

Managing post-holiday commotion

Devon M. – When I come back to the office after the holidays, I have hundreds of emails. As I go through my Inbox, I put any emails that don’t need my immediate attention in a folder I created called, “Deal With Later.”  It helps my inbox to feel a lot more manageable, and allows me to focus only on communications that require my immediate attention. I check my “Deal With Later” folder just once a day, after more important tasks have been addressed.

Laura B. – My desk is messy. OK…it’s very messy. At the beginning of each year I like to get organized by cleaning my desk, starting with a fresh notebook, and making a calendar with all my goals. It’s also helpful to wrap up any lose ends with old projects. With the new year, comes new beginnings and renewed motivation.

Staying healthy

Jen D. – Are you one of the many individuals whose New Year’s Resolution is centered on visiting the gym? Well, you are not alone. Each year, I tell myself that it’s time to get back into a healthy routine. Fortunately for Vanguard crew, our organization takes health and wellness very seriously! One perk I often take advantage of is our on-site fitness centers that help me and my colleagues get and stay fit. This makes achieving my annual resolution easy! No excuses- bring on 2018!

If your resolution is to find a more fulfilling career, explore opportunities with Vanguard.   

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