From heat waves to blizzards, Vanguard crew are ready

We’ve seen a lot of surprising things happen at Vanguard, and although we can’t predict every event, we can prepare for those out of our control. From hurricanes and earthquakes, to tornado watches and eclipses (and we can’t forget those blizzards!), Vanguard has plans in place to ensure clients feel supported and our crew are safe.

One event at Vanguard was the solar eclipse. While the Arizona campus only saw 66% coverage of the sun, Malvern saw 75% and Charlotte saw the most coverage at around 90%. It was a chance for teams and departments to bond during break time to watch the event. Crew members shared their eclipse glasses with one-another so everyone could watch the sun – but not without protection. Our intranet posted helpful tips and cautions of eclipse safety. 

While the eclipse on August 21st, 2017 was more entertaining than intimidating, harsher acts of nature have hit our campuses as well. When Hurricane Sandy barreled up the east coast, we knew it was coming, but didn’t know the extent. The Malvern campus was paralyzed and forced to close along with the rest of Vanguard when the Market closed. A rare occasion. Vanguard showed its care of crew members by staging places to sleep with cots and a clean place to shower for those with no electricity. In true Vanguard fashion, crew members also thought of others, donating to displaced New Jersey families.

On another occasion, the Northeast was hit with a blizzard. Luckily it was over the weekend, but not everyone could make it onto the Malvern campus as 597 shovelers worked for 6,216 hours to clear out the snow. Charlotte and Scottsdale came to the rescue with extra coverage to make the event as seamless as possible to our clients. They took phone calls, processed requests, and addressed web needs. During snow storms, our parking lots and roadways are treated immediately. Crew are encouraged to work from home if possible and use their best judgement when deciding if they can get into the office safely.

Unexpected events aren’t limited to Malvern. Last year, a heat wave hit Arizona, grounding flights at the airport during the hottest part of the day. This affected business travel for crew in Scottsdale. Crew members arranged accordingly and had backup if needed.

Clients come first at Vanguard, and our crew members are here to support them. Safety is a priority, and crew members across the country are there to step up when needed. We’ve found that we may not be able to predict every weather event but we’re constantly analyzing and developing plans for weather and other disruptions to our normal business operations.

 Whatever’s next, we’ll be ready.

-Laura B.

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