I moved 2,000 miles to be a Vanguard Advisor

As my family was traveling across the country from Michigan to our new home in Arizona, I couldn’t help but think what a big change we were undertaking. My wife, Christina, and our dog, Daisy, were relocating to Arizona in a move that could only be characterized as bold. All of our earthly possessions were crammed into a moving truck and we knew exactly two people in Arizona – a former client and a fellow Rotary Club member. We had both recently turned 40 and were starting to feel some wanderlust. I had been working in investments since my early 20’s and over the last couple of years I had developed a desire to do something different with my life and, not to sound cheesy, but to make a bigger difference.

Enter Vanguard into the picture. I became aware of the exciting things brewing in Vanguard’s Personal Advisor Services by reading various financial periodicals and blogs. Having been a big fan personally and professionally of Vanguard and their approach, I was entranced with the possibility of being part of the new revolution Vanguard was starting in the advisory world.

The decision to leave my prior employer and the community where I grew up was a very hard one. I had been in that position for 10 years, was well established in the community, and had a great roster of clients — so there were a lot of factors to weigh. My wife was enthusiastic and her response to my suggestion of moving was, “Sure, let’s do it!” After joining, I would often talk about what a great place Vanguard is to work, so she decided to apply for a position in our operations department. She has really thrived at Vanguard and values our unique client-focused culture.

Looking back over the last 3 ½ years I can confidently say that this was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. The response and sheer growth of Personal Advisor Services has been mind-blowing and a great opportunity for me to truly make a difference in my clients’ lives. In my role as a Senior Financial Advisor, I work with clients every day and can see firsthand the impact that both Vanguard and I are making in their lives.

I tell clients my story and end with “I moved 2,000 miles across the country to work for Vanguard.” That’s how much I believe in what we do.

-Jon H.

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