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Vanguard Arizona – a culture within a culture

Vanguard's Scottsdale, Arizona office, shot of the main courtyard, the hub between three buildingsNestled in a stunning desert landscape, Vanguard’s Arizona campus, also known as Vanguard Scottsdale, is a blend of beauty, warmth, and culture.  In the below crew stories, you’ll discover how our AZ campus is different, but still feels like Vanguard.

What is your favorite part about working at the Scottsdale campus?  

“My favorite part about working at the Scottsdale campus is the park across the street. There is a beautiful walking path filled with desert plants and wildlife.”

-Amanda F.

“I have come to appreciate the courtyard outside of the galley (our cafeteria), especially this time of year.  I really enjoy the scenery, along with the general landscaping that provides a peaceful environment to unwind.  My experience in Arizona has been pretty stellar thus far.”

-Kia H.

“The best part about working in the Arizona office is the comradery that is felt within the Arizona Human Resources community.  There are many crew members in HR that I don’t work with yet I still feel very connected to.”

-Danielle M.

“As an Arizona transplant, I could not have made a better move than to Tempe two years ago. It’s an amazing sight, sitting at your desk and watching the monsoons roll through the valley or a lightning storm during the summer months. The Scottsdale office is located blocks away from the beautiful Pinnacle Peak Mountains, a handful of golf clubs, not to mention great restaurants to make after-work and weekend activities easy and accessible. “

-Olivia T.


Crew working out at Vanguard Arizona's Ship Shape gym and fitness centerWhat campus amenities do you enjoy utilizing?

Shipshape is such a fun way to get in a great workout (I like the group classes!) while meeting crew I don’t get to work with in my ‘day-job’. It’s hard not to keep my New Year’s resolution with the great group class schedule – Body pump, Bars & Bells and Cycling are my favorites!”

-Olivia T.


Vanguard building with water featureWhat are some of the similarities and differences between working in Malvern vs Scottsdale? (Culture, climate, etc.)

“The culture is unique. It had a small start-up feel when I first moved here from Pennsylvania four years ago that has grown and matured into this free flowing friendly collaborative culture. Both sites offer an approachable welcoming environment but PA can be overwhelming at times (especially if you are new) where Arizona is smaller and easier to acclimate to.”

-Farod F.

“Vanguard really is Vanguard whether you work in PA or AZ and that is a true testament to the character of our company and crew. I fondly refer to PA as “the mother ship”. For the most part everything is just much bigger in PA but there’s a close knit feel in AZ.”

-Danielle M.

Crew at waterfall in Arizona, hiking, natureWhat do you love to do outside of work that only Arizona offers? (Hiking, spring training, etc.)

“Outside of work, I’m a huge baseball fan, particularly college baseball and MLB spring training.  The weather is great and you have the opportunity to get to watch the stars of today and tomorrow in a very fan friendly, warm environment.”

-John C.

“Exercising and eating healthy are my passions outside of work. Arizona is filled with amazing hiking trails and great restaurants. Gateway Loop is about 10 minutes away from work and is beautiful. Two of my favorite restaurants are Green Restaurant and Barrio Queen.”

-Amanda F.

Blog_Vanguard-Scottsdale-Arizona-Sunset“I love visiting the beautiful city of Sedona.  I’m also very fond of walking around without a coat in December.  What a dream come true for this Alaskan girl!”

-Danielle M.

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