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In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ll be featuring a series of blogs dedicated to working mothers and their experience at Vanguard. In this blog, Stephanie H. shares about returning to work after being a stay-at-home mom for many years.

A Different Interview Experience
Before embarking on my career at Vanguard, I was a stay-at-home mom for more than 10 years. It was a bit of a bumpy ride trying to get back into the driver’s seat of my career. I struggled to update my resume. I found myself in interview waiting rooms with people who appeared to be half my age. My own well-meaning mother offered advice from a (thankfully) bygone era of women working in the financial sector, “Don’t share too much about the kids or what you have going on at home. They [your leaders] will not be interested, and you will put yourself at a disadvantage.” But the panel of men and women interviewing me for my role at Vanguard gave me a different impression. They actually asked me about my volunteer experience and the skills I had developed while supporting my daughter’s school and working with a non-profit. One of my interviewers was interested in hearing about two additional college classes I had completed when my youngest went to kindergarten. Another mom I know at Vanguard who left for several years to raise two children, described her experience upon returning to Vanguard, “They embraced my years at home, and all I was able to accomplish. They embraced what I was, and what I wanted to be now. There was no judgement… There was this element of ‘Welcome home, we’re glad you’re back. Where do you want to start?’ It was such a gift.”

Vanguard moms at work

Supportive Leaders
When I started at Vanguard, I was a single mom with four children. I have always found that my leaders are supportive of my need to put my family first. The department I started in offered me some flexibility options, which I used to stay active in my daughters’ schools, schedule dentist appointments, and run errands. In another role here at Vanguard, I struggled to meet daycare schedules and growing costs. Working with my manager, I was able to shift my schedule enough to cut my daycare costs by a third. Several years later one of my kids was ill, and I needed to drive her to multiple appointments during the week. I took advantage of technology that enabled me to work remotely from home and during doctor visits. There are leaders who have supported me on my journey to balance commitments at home and work, and taken a sincere and active interest in my career development. The treatment and encouragement I have received from these managers has influenced my own leadership style.

Vanguard moms at work

Looking Back…and Forward
Whenever I have the opportunity to discuss my experience with a woman grappling with her own decisions concerning motherhood and work-life balance, I have always shared that she will never regret the time she chooses to spend at home with her kids. A friend at Vanguard reflected recently, “I could have been working, but I am so grateful for my time at home. Now my kids watch me and they see dedication, a strong work-ethic. As they see me progress in my career, I am setting an example. [My family] has a different level of respect for my work and my time.” My girls are grown now, and some of my daughters have their own children. Ah, grandchildren. About a year and a half ago, I shared with my manager that I was open to roles in our Arizona office (which is approximately 2,000 miles closer to my kids). A lateral move to my current role and a few more great leaders in between, and I am typing these words from my home in Scottsdale. Vanguard is a great place for moms.

-Stephanie H.

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