The journey to Vanguard – was it worth it?

In my last blog, I shared with you why working at Vanguard has meant so much to me, including my journey and resiliency throughout the job hiring process, to officially onboard as a Vanguard crew member. When I share this story with friends, peers, or family, I inevitably get one question, “Was it worth it?”

Vanguard career journey_

After reflecting on this question, a few things come to mind:

Constant learning

From day one, I was fully aware that I had a very basic understanding of the financial industry. I was hired alongside people with advanced degrees and years of experience. But I needn’t have worried – Vanguard offers a thorough training program, allowing me and my peers to work on our financial acumen skillsets, and eventually talk confidently to clients about their portfolios. If Vanguard can take someone like me and make them financially literate, I know they can do the same for you.

Caring co-workers

Although I only had one formal mentor growing up, I’ve had many great examples in my life who have inspired me to become who I am today. Since starting at Vanguard, I’m continually impressed with the responses I get from my fellow crew, some of whom are much higher up the chain of command than I, yet still take the time to answer my questions and counsel me on my career development. My own leader meets with me regularly to discuss my career aspirations and is the type of leader I want to become one day. It feels great to work at a place that has so much support, opportunity, and interest in my professional future.

Vanguard career journey

Nearly one year later

Now as I write this, sitting at my desk here in Vanguard’s Scottsdale office, I am so thankful that I was determined in my endeavor to get hired by Vanguard. Because of the work and effort I put in, I have a job that provides for me and my family, I am an employee of an institution I trust, and I have a stellar team of peers who support me and drive Vanguard’s values forward.

So, yes. It was worth it.

-Joseph R.

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