Vanguard IT career development

A different kind of investment

Vanguard IT career developmentAt Vanguard, we do our best to live up to our mission of “taking a stand for all investors”. Between our carefully chosen products, services, and hard-working crew, our clients have the best chance for success with their investments! But during my time here, I’ve seen Vanguard support a different type of investing – investing in their crew. At Vanguard, you can be part of an environment that inspires continual learning–and not just with encouraging words. There is action behind those words!

For context, I’m a software developer. We learn and utilize programming languages to create applications. With technology forever changing, it can be extremely hard to keep up – there’s a new Javascript framework just about every week. For Javascript users, that’s great, but it also means that there’s so much to learn and so little time to do it. Luckily, Vanguard helps me accelerate my learning through a variety of methods:

Trying new things

Some days, I get to act as a mad scientist – piecing together a Frankenstein-like application with new technologies and programming languages. What I’m creating may not always go into production, but the time and freedom to spend a few paid hours to get my feet wet on something new is a beautiful thing. It helps me learn and is just one of the ways Vanguard has invested in me!

 Virtual training

Virtual training usually comes by way of a website. Most of these trainings aren’t free, and Vanguard acquires subscriptions for crew so we have the resources to keep learning. These trainings are helpful because more often than not in technology trying to learn a new programming language or Application Programming Interface (API) can be quite cryptic when text documents are all you have to go by. Personally having a video example has always helped me go the extra mile while learning. I gained the majority of my Angular, JavaScript, HTML and CSS knowledge through this avenue. Ironically, I learned web development on the web! I’ve gained a few soft skills this way too. E-learnings on things like persuasion and influence or project management serve me well when I combine them with in-person trainings. The data is always there to review when I feel I’m getting a bit rusty.

Vanguard IT career development

Vendor training

For more physical interactions, Vanguard also brings in vendors who spend a few days with groups to teach a desired skill. The invitation for these trainings are spread far and wide. It’s similar to having a college professor and study group. The great thing about this is you’re given time during the week or throughout the day to participate in these trainings. You don’t have to stay an extra 40 hours to get your day-to-day duties complete, which helps maintain work/life balance.

Vanguard IT career development


Another major opportunity I received with Vanguard is the chance to go to conferences. Our peers and leaders make sure our work is covered so we as employees have the opportunity to learn and grow during a fun experience. 

Vanguard understands that educating and giving opportunities to employees helps us create the best products for our clients. Learning new skills also keeps crew engaged, which makes us want to do more for clients. I knew coming out of college that information technology was a glorious yet dangerous field to be in.  This field is forever changing. So what is now desired in IT may not be in the next 2 years. Lucky for me, the resources and time that are required and desired for me to flourish in IT are easily accessible at Vanguard.

 -Elijah A.

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