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My family motto brought me to Vanguard

“Do the Right Thing.” It’s a family motto. When I was growing up, my father used many opportunities to instill those words in my being. I have a vivid memory from when I was about eight years old of my mother running across traffic on route 80 back to the tollbooth because the worker gave her a nickel too much change. ‘Honesty at all costs’ was all she knew. At a young age, integrity and reputation were everything, and my moral compass was set. So as I began my professional career and was looking for a long-term ‘home’, not only did I find that Vanguard’s culture and values aligned with my own, but “Do the Right Thing” is actually a message that can be found and heard here often.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a Financial Planner. Many kids want to be doctors, teachers, athletes, or singers. Thanks to my grandparents, I was exposed to the world of finance at a very young age, and I wanted to couple that with my innate desire to help people. The cherry on top: The idea of being a Financial Planner seemed fun. And, if I was going to spend a large portion of my life doing something, I better enjoy it, and it certainly can’t feel like ‘work’.

When you look into the core of your being, what is your calling? What kind of impact do you want to make? What are you going to have the most fun doing? Well, if you made it this far in my blog entry, chances are you’re interested in a Financial Planning career at Vanguard. And as you’ll read below, if your desires align with mine, this might be the place for you too.

Vanguard financial advisor

Stop Selling, Start Helping

At Vanguard, prospective clients I speak with are connected with me either because they asked to speak to an Advisor, or a potential need was identified in a conversation they had with a representative. That means there’s no cold-calling involved. So, from the beginning of the discussion, the goal is to determine whether the client’s needs align with our managed advice offer. Some call this soft consultative sales, I call it helping someone who needs help.

Advice I Truly Believe In

Since I don’t have a crystal ball that tells me the future, I’m not trying to time or beat the market. Rather, my focus is on developing an investment portfolio that is appropriate for the client based on their goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and other variables through a consistent advice methodology. This allows me to be fully confident in the advice I’m providing, knowing I have only the client’s best interests in mind.

Vanguard financial advisor

Do You Love People?

I absolutely love people, which is a primary reason why my wife and I have five kids! Vanguard’s consistent advice methodology allows me to spend time getting to know my clients better, understand what is important to them, and look for ways to bring additional value over the course of the relationship. This is where I have the most fun. I yearn to know what they’re passionate about and what worries them. I want to celebrate the fun life events with them, and mourn with them during the difficult ones. I want to think of my clients over the weekend because something I saw or heard reminded me of who they are. Becoming part of their lives is the goal, and for no motive other than I simply care about people.

So, how about you? What are you looking for?

If you’re like me (you want to do the right thing and have fun doing it) then this place called Vanguard just might be for you.

-Matthew B.

Vanguard financial advisor

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