Celebrating one year of #LifeatVanguard stories

To celebrate the one year anniversary of our careers blog, we share this collection of 5 popular blogs since we began publishing. Join us for this look back at lessons learned, eye-opening advice, surprising career moments and powerful journeys.

New to the blog? Welcome! The careers blog gives you a glimpse into what it’s like to work at Vanguard. Our crew members share their experiences on topics that are important to them: our mission & purpose, career journeys, a day in the life, and more.

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1.   A lifetime of opportunities to lead, grow, and impact others

It was 1999. I was just finishing up my college degree, and was stuck at a crossroad, trying to decide where I wanted my career to go. I knew I wanted to be involved in a company with a rich culture, strong leaders, sound values, and growth opportunities galore – easy enough, right? When I came up dry with opportunities, my mentor recommended I look into Vanguard.

Vanguard career opportunities, growth, impact

2.   A conversation with a Vanguard Sales Executive

We recently sat down with Anthony W., a Sales Executive in Vanguard’s Financial Advisor Services. Anthony’s role is unique in that he spends his time “in the field” with advisors, and does not work in a Vanguard office. Anthony shares his thoughts on why he loves sales, how he makes a difference, and how football prepared him for his role at Vanguard.

Vanguard sales executive for FAS (Financial Advisor Services)

3.   So what is Vanguard’s campus like

Rounding out our seventh week in the internship, a quick step back allowed us to realize how Vanguard’s campus is unique. With a list of amenities that make Malvern, PA feel like home, each of our blog members selected his or her favorite location on campus. Read on to find out more.

Careers blog one year anniversary

4.  Achieving success at Vanguard, regardless of obstacles

From as far back as I can remember, I was warned about growing up and facing the “real world.” As if it were a scary mythical place one could never be fully prepared for. The two things I did know about this so-called “real world” was I needed to earn an income and create a life for myself.  Now, let me tell you my Vanguard story.

Careers blog one year anniversary

5.   Why I started a book club with my daughter

Has the universe ever given you a sign?  An unmistakable, it’s-time-to-act type of signal?  Well, as I was sitting at Vanguard’s Leadership Symposium in Philadelphia last fall, a topic hit my radar for the third time in the span of a few months.  And since good things come in threes (right?), I committed then and there to take action – and my kids and I are glad I did.  Yup, in this Vanguard blog, I’m talking about my kids.  Let me explain…

Careers blog one year anniversary

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