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Internal Audit: diverse work, a welcoming team, and time for my son

When I started my career over 10 years ago, I had recently graduated college and was thrilled to have a job and steady paycheck. I followed most of my friends into a career in external auditing, performing IT audits. Shortly after I started my career, the stock market crashed. As I saw people around me struggling to find jobs, I felt fortunate to have my position in a company where I was able to learn, grow, and travel all across the country. However, after 7 years of traveling between clients and working busy schedules, my personal life had changed – I was getting ready to marry and start a family and knew I needed a more predictable work schedule.

Although I knew that the career change was the right decision for me, it was still nerve-wracking. I loved where I worked, my colleagues, and the variety of work on my plate. I was worried that the new position would be boring and it was daunting to think about rebuilding my reputation again with people who didn’t know me.

Vanguard internal audit careers

Now after 3 years at Vanguard I can say that the change was the best decision I could have made. During my time here, I have never audited the same process twice and am able to get a much deeper understanding of the processes than I was able to do in external auditing. I am afforded the opportunity to learn about all aspects of Vanguard’s business, network with management across Vanguard, and constantly learn new skills. Additionally, my leaders frequently give me stretch opportunities to stay challenged.

I worried about rebuilding my reputation in a new company, however, within the first week I realized that Vanguard really appreciated my prior experiences – team members asked for my opinion and saw me as a valued member of the team. The culture at Vanguard is unlike any culture I have seen in all the companies I’ve worked with in my prior auditing experience. I have made some great friends in my time here and can truly say that I enjoy coming to work.

I appreciated the career change the most when my son, Wesley, was born 21 months ago. I remember coming back to work after maternity leave and about a week in, I received the dreaded call from daycare that my son had a fever. My team was so understanding and I was able to go pick him up and work from home. I appreciated the flexibility I was offered while still being able to keep my work progressing. Nothing can match being home in the evenings to have dinner as a family and to put my son to bed each night.

-Lauren M.

Vanguard internal audit careers

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