Vanguard green environmentally friendly efforts

Crew go green at Vanguard

Picture this: a handful of crew in client services looking to make a difference. A comment like, “Hey guys, I think we print too much paper for these meetings” started discussions about the environment and how we as crew have an opportunity to make a positive impact. As a team, we shared how we personally “go green” and how we could translate that into building and community-wide goals. Calling ourselves the Green Team, we started small, but enacted a lot of positive change.

Getting crew on board

First, we started with awareness. We wanted to inform crew of basic things, for example: recycling codes—what each mean and where to put each item, how to upcycle items, other quick tips, and even how much paper was being printed in a typical day.

Crew became more interested in the green initiative as they became aware. Eventually we had enough volunteers to have Green Teams in each building. We partnered with Facilities to find out trends and statistics. As a team, we were looking to see if there was an opportunity to do better in each building and eventually throughout the company.

Our growth remained steady so we started to take more action. Green Teams made internal webpages to list our goals and mission, we held monthly meetings, had guest speakers, made e-brochures listing local farmers markets and transportation options, made videos, and posted tips around the office to conserve energy and paper.

Vanguard green environmentally friendly efforts

Dreaming bigger

We started to realize how important this initiative was—and we felt like we had a responsibility to be environmentally sustainable. Big changes were being made in our galleys (cafeterias) and all around campus. Crew loved our monthly “Green newsletters,” which included tons of information, ranging from ride share programs, paper printer totals, community recycle events, herb gardening for beginners and even an avocado face mask for dry skin!

Fast forward to today and the Green Teams’ efforts have evolved into the crew-driven Sustainability Ambassador program. We were able to take environmentally sound practices that we have learned personally, and implement them with support from our corporate-wide Environmental Sustainability team. Our impacts have become even bigger and stronger around the company. We’ve changed and influenced a lot through the years, including: single-stream recycling, a company garden, car charging stations, Earth day events, and a very engaged Sustainability Ambassador program.

It’s crazy to think back on how far this program has come and all the positive operational changes it has made through the years. I’m very thankful Vanguard listens to crew suggestions and continues to make positive changes for our Clients, our Crew, and our Community.

-Vanessa E.


Vanguard green environmentally friendly efforts

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