7 New Year's resolutions

7 New Year’s resolutions from Vanguard leaders for 2019

We asked 7 leaders from all across Vanguard, “What is your career-related New Year’s resolution?” Here’s what they had to say:

1. Christina Selby, Principal in Finance:

Spend time each week reading to increase my understanding of the asset management industry and the markets.  There is so much change going on in today’s world and I want to make sure I carve out time to focus on my personal learning this year.

2. Steve Holman, Principal in Institutional Sales:

In the new year, I’m going to make a concerted effort to spend more time with front-line crew in their interactions with advisors and clients. I am still relatively new to my role as Head of Vanguard Retirement Plan Access (VRPA), so investing the time with our clients will not only force me to deepen my knowledge of our products and services, but it will also allow me to gain valuable first-hand insight about how we can serve clients better.

Jodi Miller, Vanguard3. Jodi Miller, Principal in Retail:

Increase my investment acumen. Specifically, being new to Vanguard, I want to learn more about our investment and advice methodology as a firm and how we build funds for our clients.

Joe Davis, Vanguard4. Joe Davis, Chief Economist and Principal in Investment Management:

Read even more daily than I do (from 2 hours/day to 3 hours/day). Finish my Python course I am taking online. Complete 20 read books in 2019.

Kevin Jestice, Vanguard5. Kevin Jestice, Principal in Information Technology & Security:

My career New Year’s resolution is to schedule more unscheduled time. Sounds funny, but my most productive and creative times come from talking to members of our team, drawing on white boards, and spontaneous interactions. I intend to free up more time in my days for those types of interactions by scheduling free time.

Lisha Davis, Vanguard6. Lisha Davis, Head of the Innovation Studio:

Go completely paperless and create more teambuilding time.

Manuel Calero, Principal in Retail7. Manuel Calero, Principal in Retail:

I love to read books that can help me be a better leader. Some of my favorites are Thinking: Fast and Slow, Factfulness, and The Captain Class. I often recommend books I think offer relevant and practical ideas for improvement, but I think I can do more than just recommend the book. For the new year, I am committing to hosting one lunch per month where I facilitate a hands-on activity that introduces a concept I read about in a way that makes it easy to apply to our day-to-day responsibilities.

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