Why these leaders joined Vanguard

We asked 7 leaders from across Vanguard, “Why did you join Vanguard?”

Here’s what they had to say:

Vanguard manager, Christina1. Christina Selby, Principal in Finance:

Our mission really resonated with me, and brings us all together to focus on what is best for our clients and crew.  It’s also an exciting time to be part of the company as we continue to grow and look at how we can continue to improve ourselves to serve our clients better. There are lots of opportunities to continue to learn and many options for a long term career here.

Vanguard Principal, Steve H.2. Steve Holman, Principal in Institutional Sales:

I joined Vanguard because I loved the people, culture, and the values and integrity of the firm; I felt I was going to get the support I needed to grow and develop as a professional; and I wanted to be part of an organization that was truly doing good for others.

Joe Davis, Vanguard3. Joe Davis, Global Chief Economist and Principal:

The mission, the culture and the humility of the senior leaders I’ve met, struck me as unique versus the other investment firms I had interviewed with.

Lisha Davis, Vanguard4. Lisha Davis, Head of the Innovation Studio:

To work for the good guys in a challenging industry, to develop strong leadership skills, to be challenged and stretched in lots of areas and roles.

Kevin Jestice, Vanguard5. Kevin Jestice, Principal in Information Technology & Security:

I knew Vanguard well from interactions through my prior employer and held the firm in incredibly high regard. Two months before my first employment conversation I visited Vanguard’s Malvern, PA, campus. When I returned home, I shared with my wife that if I ever wanted to look for a new job, Vanguard would be at the top of my list. I told her that Vanguard’s client first mindset was pervasive and that I really admired their approach to leadership. Two months later a recruiter called and I was all in. It was honestly one of the best decisions of my life (after, of course, marrying my wife and having our family!).

Manuel Calero, Vanguard6. Manuel Calero, Principal in Retail:

A friend of mine worked at Vanguard and suggested I look into this company with a unique ownership structure. I did my research and learned about how Vanguard is owned by the Vanguard funds, and in turn, the funds are owned by shareholders of those funds. Though straight forward, it took me some time to realize the significance of that ownership structure on every action taken and decision made by the company—and it’s crew. When I finally understood that because of that ownership structure, Vanguard would never have to trade off doing the right thing for its shareholders, I knew I had to be a part of the Vanguard family.

Vanguard Principal, Jodi M.7. Jodi Miller, Principal in Retail:

1) The mission – the dual focus on clients and crew 2) The culture and crew. I find the crew genuinely kind, caring, values-based, intelligent and hard-working! 3) Transformation – we are doing really exciting things internally, for example, in our Retail Investor Group, that will ultimately help us better serve our clients and crew!

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