What a career as a financial advisor looks like at Vanguard

Vanguard’s financial advisors are using time-proven investment methodology to offer investment solutions that lead our clients confidently toward their business or personal financial goals. In these blogs, our financial advisors share their personal experiences in pursuing a career in this field and the impact they’ve had in driving successful investment results for clients.

Career Advisor

It’s the end of the day as I know it- and I feel fine

Learn about why Melissa chose to restart her career in finance at Vanguard as a financial advisor.

Investment advisor

Why I value Vanguard’s reputation and investment approach as an advisor

In this Vanguard careers blog, Vahan T. reveals what makes him proud to serve clients as a Vanguard Financial Advisor.

Personal advisor

Exploring careers in Vanguard Client Services – Personal Advisor Services

Vanguard crew members in Client Services share their perspectives on career choices, teamwork, and how they contribute to Vanguard’s mission.

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