Chart my career course

Charting my own course at Vanguard

I’ve always believed that in order to grow, you must first step outside of your comfort zone. So, in 2015 I decided to take a leap of faith. I had graduated from college in 2013 with an undergraduate degree in Marketing and was working in Media and Advertising Sales. Honestly, I loved it. But, I reached a critical point in my professional career where I felt ready to advance.

I had a decision to make. I could either stay put and hope a promotion opportunity arose in the next 2 years—Or I could take a step back and transition to another company with vast opportunities for advancement and growth.

Chart my career course

Somehow, I moved from a career in Media and Advertising Sales to Financial Services. I started my Vanguard journey in Retail Services as a Client Relationship Associate in October 2015, where I spent time servicing our direct Retail investors and learning the ‘ins and outs’ of Vanguard and the financial services industry. Once I was comfortable with my role, I started branching out and seeking opportunities to network and explore career paths. I started saving job postings that interested me and taking note of hiring managers who I wanted to meet. I found this was a great way to demonstrate genuine interest and learn more about the various departments across the organization.

After 10 months as a Client Relationship Associate I moved over to Select Services where I piloted a 3-month internal internship program. The program was an opportunity for Client Relationship Associates to further develop their relationship management skills and expand their investment and business acumen. Furthermore, the internship program established a talent pipeline within Retail Services to facilitate career mobility. After successfully completing my internship, I was hired as a full-time Select Services Investment Professional.  In this role I gained exposure to high-net-worth clients and deepened client relationships by pairing investors with Vanguard financial advisors and assisting with asset consolidation. Outside of my normal daily responsibilities, I had opportunities to represent the department and host several “sit-withs” and overviews with senior leaders from across Vanguard who were looking to gain insight into Select’s business model. This was a great opportunity to positively affect change and have an impact on future business decisions. I used these opportunities to showcase my skills and provide meaningful, real-time feedback on daily operations.

Chart my career course

Upon joining Select Services, my team leader took a proactive approach in aligning my skill set and career aspirations with department initiatives, such as joining a communication council for our Retail Investor Group. The council’s goal is to maintain an open line of communication amongst client-facing crew, Marketing Managers, and User Experience Designers to ensure Vanguard is providing the best-in-class digital client experience. This was a fulfilling experience because I was viewed as a subject matter expert and I felt that my opinion mattered.

What’s next? At this point, I’ve been at Vanguard for about 2 years and already held two full-time positions and an internship, built a network, and had opportunities to provide value to the business.

Currently, I work as a Senior Relationship Analyst in Retirement Plan Client Services. In this capacity I am now supporting Relationship Managers and helping Vanguard to deepen relationships with our Institutional clients. Learning an entirely different business is challenging, but my Retail acumen and my skill set from my previous career allows me to add value in a unique way.

In short, that “leap” turned out to be a great investment.

-Glover C.

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