What people say when I tell them I work at Vanguard

Working at Vanguard is both an honor and responsibility. Crew members are often excited to share where they are employed, but you never know how others may respond—will they want investment advice, or ask if you know a friend or family member who also works at Vanguard? We asked crew to tell us some of their stories. Here is what they had to say:

Mark O.

I was recently on vacation in Cartagena, Colombia. One day, we took a day trip on a speed boat with two other couples, whom we did not know, to nearby islands. We introduced ourselves and the conversation naturally turned to the topic of what we all did for a living and where we worked. When I mentioned I worked at Vanguard, one of the gentleman’s eyes got as big as saucers. He grinned and stuck out his hand to shake mine. He was so excited to meet someone who worked at Vanguard and thanked me enthusiastically for helping him achieve a lifetime of investment success. I accepted his thanks on Vanguard’s behalf. He then shared that because of his investments at Vanguard, he is able to follow his passion of traveling and seeing the world.

Clients always seem pleased to make our acquaintance and regularly share how grateful they are. Without fail, that’s one of the two reactions I receive when telling someone I work at Vanguard. The other, as others have likely experienced, is, “Do you know so-and-so?”

Anthony T.

When someone finds out that I work for Vanguard, they tell me about how they have money with Vanguard and where that money is invested. Upon finding out that I am in our Information Technology group, they begin to offer me recommendations for enhancing the tech experience for clients. A two minute meet-and-greet ends up being a twenty minute, in-depth conversation.

Yewande O.

People often think I am a financial advisor when they hear I work at Vanguard. I have a few friends who are getting hitched soon and want to discuss their finances with me. While I’m happy to offer perspective, I always start the conversation with a reminder: I am not a financial advisor but can provide guidance.

James M.

Before I worked at Vanguard, I used to say that I worked in the “investment” industry because nobody had heard of my company. But as the financial crisis occurred in 2008, it was strange to suggest I worked with investments, seeing as some people didn’t hold the industry in high regard.

Since becoming a crew member in 2009, I proudly share with people that I work at Vanguard. The typical reaction I get is, “You do? That’s a great firm. Make sure to take good care of my 401(k)!” Before launching my career here, I underestimated the pride I have working at a firm that does the right thing for its clients.

If you ever happen to meet a crew member at one of our domestic or international locations, we’ll be happy to tell you about #LifeatVanguard. We may not be able to offer advice or know your acquaintances personally, but you’ll definitely feel the enthusiasm we have for our mission to provide our clients with the best chance of investment success.

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