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A week in the life of a newly remote worker: Part two

In my last blog, A week in the life of a newly remote worker: Part one, I touched on my experience adapting to a new work environment, focusing on my first three days at home. Now I’d like leave you with some additional thoughts that came to me at the end of that work week.

Day 4—You’re not alone

I’m a social media addict, but it can be intimidating tuning in when so much news is being reported. That said, I have enjoyed seeing how my friends are using social media as a distraction. For those with children, I love to see how parents are setting up mini-classrooms, planning pajama days and scheduling break times with pets. Who doesn’t want to see photosMia relaxing and watching the world go by of dogs? I’m also enjoying suggestions friends are sharing to stave off boredom and keep everyone productive, as well as reminders to support local businesses. Yes, we all stockpiled food, but many of us can get pick-up or delivery at local establishments. The support across multiple communities has been inspiring.

Useful tips for your mind and body:

  • Silence can be painful, but so can the news. Find a fun playlist to add some sound to your day.
  • Read a book, watch a movie (some services are even offering virtual watch parties!), and relax with a bath.
  • Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? Find an online class—it doesn’t have to be work related.
  • Keep moving. Our gym at work is offering online classes each day while the gym is closed.
  • Walk around the block, if possible. I challenged myself to take my dog for a longer walk each time we go outside and have run into neighbors along the way. 

Day 5—Being thankful

Not everyone has the option of working from home. My company has done everything they can to do right by employees, just as they do for investors. Our mission stays the same—we’re working to provide our clients with the best chance of investing success. This is as important as ever right now!

Virtual video conference meetingMy final message is to take some time for yourself. Make sure to separate work and personal time. My teammates compiled a list of free resources for you to explore. You can do a quick internet search on these topics to learn more:

  • Museum virtual tours.
  • Online Workouts.
  • Online Concerts.
  • Online classes offered by universities.
  • Virtual Zoo tours.
  • Creative lessons for children.
  • Volunteer opportunities (in person and virtual).

Thank you, and be safe!

—Laura B.

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