Principal Data Scientist

Malvern, PA, US

October 3, 2018
To conduct quantitative research to provide insight into client needs and behavior, identify clients with growth opportunity, segment clients for targeted treatment, and create service and product propensity indicators and scores. Engages in thoughtful analytic design to ensure relevant findings. Ensures application of quality controls throughout projects.

  • For over forty years, Vanguard has been on a very special mission – to change the way the world invests. From our unique ownership structure to our unwavering loyalty to our clients, we are committed to our belief that nothing should stand in the way of investors meeting their goals. Our Center for Analytics & Insights (CAI) is dedicated to removing obstacles to these investors by using data science and machine learning to solve our most difficult, messiest problems.

  • The mission

    The CAI’s mission is to apply innovative AI/Machine Learning approaches to help tackle complex and strategically important problems facing Vanguard’s businesses and clients, to become a hub for deep client insights, and to support, and enable, the entire organization to continuously develop new capabilities and solutions along the data analytics maturity curve.

    As a Data Scientist in our Center for Analytics & Insights, you’ll lead analytical/ML engagements to support sales and marketing optimization strategies as well as work on AI solutions to support clients and investors. You will then deliver comprehensive, holistic, and actionable capabilities to leaders, including consulting on implementation and ongoing support needs, resources, and constraints. In addition, you will coach, mentor, and guide junior data scientists to help them excel and advance their career development.

  • The team

    The CAI at Vanguard has been recently established as an enterprise center of excellence for data science and machine learning, to transform how analytics, can be used to support strategic decisions and serve Vanguard’s clients.

    The CAI hosts a team of highly talented, cross-disciplinary individuals including data scientists, advanced data analysts, data engineers, consultants, and market researchers who work closely together in a dynamic environment to partner with leaders across Vanguard’s Retail, Institutional, Intermediary, and International businesses to drive innovation and transformation.

  • Your challenge

    You will be expected to lead and execute challenging, analytical projects that provide capabilities to support client needs and behavior thus supporting sales, marketing and client servicing decisions. You will be required to innovate and establish yourself as a subject matter expert and a thought leader in your area of expertise.

    More specifically, in this role, you will be required to help the business formulate the problem, and then use your expertise to obtain, investigate, transform, and curate data. Next, you will use this data to build cutting edge, analytical solutions that will help Vanguard serve its clients and give them the best chance for investment success.

    Typical initiatives involve understanding our client’s behavior, preferences, diagnosing client experience problems, identifying marketing opportunities, targeting clients, and measuring the impact of marketing and servicing initiatives. In addition to that, use all types of data, structured and unstructured to create and enable our internal business partners to learn more about clients and provide best chance to investment success.

    You will also be expected to support business partners as they seek your guidance on the interpretation, implications, and use of these analytic solutions.

  • Vanguard’s Center for Analytics and Insights – careers overview

  • Qualifications:

  • Graduate degree in a quantitative/analytical field such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering, Operations Research, Physics, or other relevant scientific field; PhD preferred.
  • Minimum of 8 to 10 years’ experience in industry, policy, or academic research or related disciplines of work.
  • Deep understanding and experience building models using Machine Learning and Optimization methods (for example – Deep Learning, CNN, RNN, LSTM, Regression (Generalized linear models), Decision Trees (CART/CHAID), SVM, Random Forests, GBM, Time-series analysis, Linear/Non-Linear/Integer programming, etc.)
  • Demonstrated experience in using the above methods to solve complex business problems working with structured and unstructured data, thereby generating insights and providing best-in-class data driven solutions for customers.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing and leading large complex projects, including (but not limited to) formulating the business and analytical problem, extracting, cleansing, and manipulating large, and diverse data sets, building descriptive, predictive and prescriptive solutions and deploying these solutions in the cloud and/or on premise systems.
  • Demonstrated experience in communicating complex analytical solutions, data relationships and results, and their business impacts to multiple business partners and stakeholders, through superior data visualization and storytelling skills.
  • Strong proficiency in Python, R, Spark (Scala, PySpark), Distributed computing, Natural Language Processing, cloud environments, GPU’s.
  • Leverage existing and create new partnerships with universities and being able to connect to leverage new and innovative research produced by these centers.
  • A strong candidate is also someone who has continuously published research scientific papers in the machine learning and data science field.