Analytics Specialist

Malvern, PA, US

June 3, 2019
Advance the investment industry

In this role you will inform and educate Vanguard about clients and prospects through descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytic insights.

In this role, you will

  • Execute analytic projects to provide insight into client needs and behavior, supporting marketing and client servicing decisions.
  • Engage with project sponsors and stakeholders to understand each business question. Probe for hidden questions and goals. Help bring structure to each request and translate requirements into an analytic approach.
  • Acquire structured and unstructured data and prepares it for analysis. Investigates, extracts, cleans, transforms, QCs and manages data using R, Python, SQL techniques.
  • Analyze data to describe client behavior and preferences, understand channel usage, diagnose client experience problems, size marketing opportunity, target clients for treatment and measure the impact of marketing and servicing initiatives. Utilize appropriate analytic methods and specialized tools to generate insights, answer the business questions and fulfill project objectives.
  • Prepare and deliver insight presentations and action recommendations. Communicates complex material in layman’s terms. Guide business partners on the interpretation and use of analytic results.
  • Administer model score, experimental data and documentation libraries.
  • Develop and apply domain knowledge of Vanguard’s businesses and data.

Offer insights to advance experiences

The Institutional Investor Group (IIG) serves institutional clients, consultants, plan sponsors, and participants. The majority of our assets are in the Defined Contribution business which is comprised of full service record-keeping and investment only.

What it takes

  • Undergraduate degree in an analytically oriented major, such as statistics, mathematics, economics.
  • Graduate degree preferred related to analytical field of study.
  • Knowledge of financial services and marketing.
  • Able to take disparate data and understand it, process it, extract value from it, visualize it and communicate it.
  • Python, R programming skills. Understanding of data structures.
  • Logical analytical skills.
  • Experience gathering requirements, developing analytic approaches, and applying quantitative methods to harvest insights.
  • Experience applying statistical techniques (modeling, regression methods, decision trees, forecasting, clustering, time series, and machine learning techniques).
  • Able to communicate complex concepts and analysis to a variety of audience knowledge levels. Data visualization and storytelling skills.

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Inclusion at Vanguard

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