Video Transcript

ELISHEBA GAINEY: My name is Elisheba Gainey. And I am a financial advisor here at Vanguard. I consistently manage assets and provide ongoing advice to our clients who have investments of $500,000 or more with Vanguard currently.

What time I get into the office is generally around 8:00 in the morning. I typically prepare for my day the night before. But I do review what my schedule looks like for that day because changes occur. And dependent on what type of emails I’ve received from clients or voicemails from business partners will dictate what I do first. And then I go ahead and meet with my clients through video conference and talk to them about their investment needs.

I consider myself a financial physician. I speak with clients. I obtain their information, so very much like a triage situation. And then I gather all that information, inquire additional questions, make an assessment, and oftentimes provide them with not only a diagnosis of where they are today, but also a prognosis of where they’ll be in the future.

There are good news stories where I can tell someone who’s been working since they were seven years old that they can retire today. Any day after they’re working is because they choose to work, which really delights a lot of clients. And then sometimes I do have to tell sad stories of if you continue to spend the way you’re spending, you are potentially going to run out of money.

And those are the clients where I help the most because we determine what is an action plan for them to move forward and make the decision of do they want to gamble with running out of money, or how can we make sure that they are going to have enough assets in retirement.