Video Transcript

MATT HILDEBRAND: My name’s Matt Hildebrand. I am a Sales Coach and strategist, and I chose to start working at vanguard 11 years ago, continuing in my financial services career, because I wanted to stay in the industry, and I wanted to work with a company that I could be proud of.

Favorite project of mine and accomplishment is one of the things that’s really the role that I’m in, I was able to construct this role years ago, because it fulfilled my desire to enable and empower people. What it says about the company that I was able to create a role to create, to create a position that had an opportunity to help satisfy a need. It says that this company really cares about empowering people to come up with creative, innovative ways to enable all of us to be at our best.

Some of our culture, one of the things that we pride ourselves on is this culture of vanguard unmatchable excellence. And when you can come into a situation and feel empowered to diagnose a need, and potentially be in a position to help fill that void out there, it says that this company really cares a lot about how engaged their people are. And it really cares about how empowered that they can be.