Video Transcript

JOANNA ZUO: Hi. My name is Joanna Zuo. I’m currently in my second year in the Technology Leadership program at Vanguard. This is a two-year program that helps to develop technical skills, business acumen, and leadership abilities, to eventually help you become a future leader of this organization.

I’m in my third rotation as an environment support analyst. I work to ensure that all of our retail teams have an available region for them to develop code and test their code in. Part of the technology leadership program, we get to be involved in so many different projects. Not only do we rotate through different teams, we also get to work on a lot of our Stretch initiatives.

So my day-to-day is very different. I do have a set schedule, which is 6:30 to 3:00 PM, but that is because I work on a 24-hour support team. However, in my previous teams I was able to make a more flexible schedule. I was able to come in around 8:30 to 9:00 and leave whenever my work was done.

In a full day, I get to balance a lot of different projects. So I come in, and I make sure that my day-to-day assignments are completed, but I also make sure that I make time to work on all of the Stretch initiatives that I am a part of.