Video Transcript

MOHAMMED: My name is Mohammed Salim I’m a developer at Vanguard. What that means for Vanguard is like I build digital tools on their website, and that directly impacts what the clients see, and what their experience is like on the website.

The most exciting part of my job at Vanguard would be just actually just pretty much collaborating with everybody in my team. Like it’s never a dull environment. You’re never just sitting alone just working. Throughout the whole day you’re always interacting for people, you’re always learning more about how from their perspective. And just how much learning in general, it’s always been pretty great to me.

So emphasis on growth is definitely pretty– a big impact here. Like your manager always, with your one on one sessions with your manager, you always tell you like all the different opportunities that are out there, all the different classes, like Vanguard University. Like to just to help you grow and just move forward in the company.

I would choose Vanguard if I had to do it all over again, because after everything I’ve learned, it’s– I mean, it’s been a great experience for me since I’ve started. Like I’ve grown so much personally and professionally. And just having that culture integrated with all that has been an amazing experience for me.