Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] KAREN F: Good morning. Welcome to our EXPLORE program. It’s our way to tell you all about the things that we have to offer.

EXPLORE’s our early talent identification strategy. So it’s our way of getting freshmen, sophomores, juniors here to Vanguard. In addition, it’s an experiential learning opportunity.

OLUKOYE S: EXPLORE Day provides us as a company– even me, personally– with an opportunity to meet those who have the potential to lead us one day.

DEVON M: EXPLORE is really about bringing students onto Vanguard’s campus so they can see our culture live and in action. You get to kind of try on the corporation for a day.

SPEAKER: There are so many clients that trust Vanguard to– trust them with their futures and their money. And knowing that you could have that kind of influence by working at a firm like this, it really shows that you can make an impact and make a difference.

NIKKO: The culture of the people, that’s the best part.

HARSHI: It’s the people that really make the difference in the job. And knowing that there are so many nice welcoming people here would make the job experience very nice, too.

KATIE: I can already tell that there’s a lot of teamwork and people working together here, a lot of collaboration. And that really draws me to the company.

DAISY: There are gyms here, classes. I was expecting buildings and offices, just that. But it’s a lot more.

KATIE P: We want you to feel connected to the mission and purpose, because that’s really what drives the organization. We really bring the networking to them. And it’s really a great opportunity to take advantage of that.

RUTH: That’s what I love about Vanguard so far is that I feel like everyone is so trustworthy.

I was so nervous this morning coming here. I was like, oh my god. This is going to be so scary. But it’s just really enjoyable. You get to meet a ton of new people, and you just build your networking skills.

MIKE B: We have opportunities really for everyone. You don’t have to be a financial wizard, as I always say to students.

JOANNA Z: Vanguard’s not just a financial company. It’s also a technology company. Everything that we do is virtual. Everything we do is supported by technology.

MIKE B: HR, IT, sales– relationship management.

GINA R: Vanguard is a place where things can change, and you’ll have people behind you to support that change.

KAREN F: We take them through workshops and get them exposed. We help them interact and practice their networking skills.

CAMILA: I learned so much in just the little time that I’ve been here. And it really opens your eyes to what different job opportunities there are out there.

KAREN F: It’s very rewarding. And I think for anybody that attends an EXPLORE Day, they get a lot out of it. It’s very meaningful.