Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] MARIA: FADP is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Vanguard was doing something that no other company in the industry was doing at that time. So for them to acknowledge where this industry is going and that there is a need for this type of program was truly spectacular.

SIERRA: So the FADP program is a 26-month rotational program throughout Vanguard that gives you access to learn a multitude of different roles throughout Vanguard with the final destination being a financial advisor.

MATTHEW: Certainly it’s a great program in the sense that, although it’s a lot with the licensing– so for many people that don’t know, we had to take the CFP followed by the Series 7 and then the 66 back, to back, to back. And that was something that was certainly really, really tough, although Vanguard made it a lot less stressful, being that we could study at work. And they had us with a lot of different resources, with live reviews. I mean, there is always something that Vanguard is trying to do for our group as far as learning. And just the ability to now have that on your resume, and almost just talk to people at Vanguard, and say, hey, I have this, this, and this, it really makes you separate yourself from a lot of other recent graduates who may not have the opportunity.

MARIA: This is truly a unique program. And the fact that we are getting set up to get our CFP– but I think the truly amazing part is that we can get it in two years, where the industry standard is three years. The fact that Vanguard was able to set that up with the CFP Board is amazing.

SIERRA: So the reason that you’re able to obtain the designation in two years is because you have a mentor throughout the program who is a flagship advisor, which is the most senior advisor at Vanguard. And you sit with them. And you learn about what they do. And you listen to their client meetings. You’re able to be very interactive with them throughout the whole process.

STEPHENS: So an ideal candidate for the Financial Advisor Development Program would be a hard-working honest individual who loves people, and who loves to do the right thing for people.

SIERRA: Someone who values this profession and is committed to it, because the first couple of months are definitely tough, with the testing– but once you’re able to get through that, there are so many things you can learn from people at Vanguard. And there are so many career opportunities here.

MATTHEW: If you want to be in a place that has a great brand name, has this program that gives you the opportunity to get a kind of accelerated designation, as well as just the opportunities that Vanguard provides, within their personal advisor services– it was really tough to pass up.