Video Transcript

SNEHA KASUGANTI: I found Vanguard through one of the rotational programs that they offer for participants that are coming into the company for the first time. This program basically allows participants to rotate through a number of different departments. And that really appealed to me. It allowed me to experience a number of different types of roles and learn a lot more about the company at large before moving into the job that I’m in right now.

So my experience covers a number of aspects, including project management, client-facing skills, as well as investment management before I moved into my current research role. I think Vanguard reaches back out to the community for a number of reasons– one of which, it certainly wants to show the communities that it’s locally based in that it’s someone who’s willing to partner with them and support them. I think another thing that is really important for Vanguard is its mission. I think, because the mission is so important to Vanguard, they want to be able to display and demonstrate that and put their money where their mouth is, essentially.

And one of my favorite things about Vanguard is the fact that it’s very multifaceted. It’s a large firm that’s growing, and there’s a lot of new and exciting things that are constantly happening, both within and outside the US. So I think I love the fact that there’s constantly things changing. And it’s important to keep up with all of it, but it’s also a great thing to see, as a younger person, within a firm that’s been around for a little while.