Video Transcript

MARK: My experience with the Vanguard MBA rotational program thus far has been phenomenal. During the internship, I had an opportunity to work in CAI, which was the Center for Analytics and Insights, and I was responsible for two meaningful projects.

I read about a thousand pages of content during the summer in support of these projects. I went to about 140 meetings and supported these, both for networking and also just to get an idea of how to best pursue the projects– 130 pages of notes, and combined probably 20 iterations of taking input and really recrafting to make the deliverable better.

I’d really felt like I was in an environment where folks were collaborative. They really valued delivering some superior results. But they’re also incredibly mission-driven, so they’re client-centric, and they make decisions based on the best interest of the investors. So with all of that, I’ve really felt like I was in the right place, based on what I valued both in life in a professional setting and also sort of a front on the personal side.