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Taking a stand for investors everywhere requires more than just knowledge. It’s about putting the right people in the right places, so we can continue to work toward our mission together. Corporate Support is the backbone of our business. From Legal to Strategy, Human Resources to Accounting, and Audit to Finance, our crew members solve complex challenges and protect our interests. As we continue to grow, you do too. As we continue to succeed, so will you. Being part of one of our Corporate Support teams is about much more than assisting our crew; it’s your chance to build a career that counts.

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Continuous Learning

Leaders will give you the right tools and meaningful feedback to develop you as a crew member. The team will track your progress and effectiveness to help you hone your work and continue growing. You’ll have access to content designed to develop your leadership skills. This will include quick online learning sessions and classroom experiences focusing on key skills you’ll need to succeed, such as feedback and accountability.

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