Voyage to Vanguard

The search for an internship can be a very intimidating process. There are always a number of questions to consider: Will this experience be beneficial down the road? Are interns considered for a full-time roles after the conclusion of the internship? If so, what makes the company one that people would want to work for? Here, some of the 2017 Charlotte interns weigh in on finding Vanguard:

Robert M.

NC State University | Computer Science | Winston-Salem, NC | IT– Global Investment Systems

I heard about Vanguard through a career fair held by my department of studies at college last fall where I got the chance to meet some of my future coworkers. Like many students outside the business school, I did not know Vanguard existed, let alone that they are leaders in the financial industry. This stems from the fact that Vanguard spends very little on advertising; rather, they rely on referrals from satisfied investors. That knowledge alone tipped me off that Vanguard would offer a full and enriching internship experience.

Gray S.

UNC-Chapel Hill | Computer Science & Information Science | Charlotte, NC | IT-Retail

My path to Vanguard was unique from other interns. I first heard about the great opportunities here through an email from my school’s career services that talked about an IT Career Explore day at Vanguard (a day to learn about Vanguard and its work with technology). I attended this event in Charlotte, which in turn led me to apply for the internship and receive an offer for a phone interview. After this, I was invited to a day-long interview event at the Charlotte offices where I really realized that interning at Vanguard would be an amazing opportunity – and that realization has definitely turned out to be true!

Aalaiyah P.

USC-Columbia | Finance | Cross, SC | Business – Human Resources

My search for an internship was definitely a process helped by the support of Vanguard representatives. My university held a career exposition on campus, where representatives from Vanguard attended. I noticed that everyone I spoke with from Vanguard were very approachable and welcoming, which immediately captured my attention and interest in learning more about the company and the opportunities they offered. After further connecting with a representative, she recommended I look into the C2C Internship program, which turned out to be the best decision yet!

Grant S.

BYU-Idaho | Software Engineering | Sugar Hill, GA | IT- Retail

A friend of mine completed their internship at Vanguard and later joined full-time. After speaking with him, I learned a few things about Vanguard. During the internship, it’s apparent that Vanguard cares about collaboration, fostering a positive work environment, having a real work experience, and providing great networking opportunities. Work-life balance has always been a priority to me, which is difficult in the IT space, but Vanguard allows for both meaningful work and personal life. That means I can enjoy my work and the things I love outside of the office. After experiencing Vanguard for five weeks, I can confidently say that my internship has been a satisfying, enriching experience.

Isabel U.
UNC-Chapel Hill | Computer Science & English Literature | Cary, NC | IT- Retail

My first interaction with Vanguard was at a university career fair. Later that fall, I was able to attend the Grace Hopper conference in Houston and I met more Vanguard representatives and interviewed for this internship. Vanguard’s commitment to adopting the best technology for its mission appealed to me, as well as the broad scope of projects they work on. My favorite part of the summer so far has been trying new technologies and roles as a part of my team.

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