Why I value Vanguard’s reputation and investment approach as an advisor

I started my career at Vanguard just a few months after graduating from Penn State. I didn’t know what to expect in the short or long-term, but I knew that I had a great opportunity before me. Vanguard, and our pioneer founder John Bogle, had and still have a stellar reputation as a place to invest and as a place to work. The feedback is consistent whenever I talk to people about where I work, and it started as soon as I got the job offer. I was hearing “That’s where I have my accounts!” and “I know someone who works there, and they love it!” It didn’t take long for me to realize that the success of the company and our reputation are well-deserved, as every focus is to do what’s right for our clients.

This didn’t change, of course, as my career progressed. With additional responsibility came a greater level of care and attention to detail. As a financial advisor now, I use a measured and practical investment approach to help my clients reach their goals. We focus on controlling risk, as well as keeping investment costs and taxation to a minimum. Controlling risk and tax efficiency is practiced by advisors anywhere—but where Vanguard aims to set the bar is at cost management. It has been at Vanguard’s core from the beginning, when the aforementioned John Bogle founded the company with the goal of treating investors fairly.

These Vanguard advantages are so powerful for me as an advisor. I can focus on getting to know my clients and pairing them with the right solution without any second-guessing. This is the ideal climate for a trusting relationship—one that will survive through good times and bad. It seems like everyone is bracing themselves for the next correction or bear market, investors and advisors alike. Only the trusted advisor will maintain their clients’ confidence through turmoil, and I look forward to the challenge knowing that we have a rock-solid foundation.

In the meantime, I’m doing what I love. I’m helping people. As financial professionals, we may not realize how stressful finances can be when you don’t have a plan. You could argue that we’re as important to someone as their primary care physician or their psychologist, and that gives me tremendous satisfaction. And to be able to do it at Vanguard—it doesn’t get any better than that.

-Vahan T.

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