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5 career advice blog posts to inspire your job search

It’s a new year, and for many that means new opportunities! If you’re ready to begin your job search or are already looking, these five blog posts can help set you up for success.

1. Tips and advice when interviewing for data & analytics jobs

Our very own data & analytics recruiter Brian Uff reveals what he looks for in candidates, tips for recent graduates, and ways you can prepare for your interview.

Vanguard data analytics

2. What NOT to ask a recruiter

This careers blog gives some tips on how to bring your ‘A’ game to the interview by reviewing these questions to avoid asking the recruiter—and some great alternatives.

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3. 8 tips from an IT recruiter on how to ace your interview

Are you an IT professional with an upcoming interview? Sharon H., a Vanguard IT recruiter, provides eight tips to ace your interview in this blog.

Tips to start interviewing

4. Debunking 5 common LinkedIn myths

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If the answer is no, what’s holding you back? In this blog, we set the record straight and debunk five common myths about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn myths

5. Preparing For A Vanguard interview – Be a STAR

At Vanguard, we almost always include behavioral questions in our interviews. Learn about answering these questions in the STAR format and nail your interview!

Vanguard STAR interview

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