Why is Vanguard one of the Best Places to Work in IT?

A company like Vanguard doesn’t function or flourish without the expertise and support of our IT crew. But it’s not just about technical skills – supportive mentors and peers, challenging work, autonomy, these are all part of the culture of our tech teams. Technology is growing faster than almost any other industry and Vanguard’s IT crew are the investigators, problem-solvers, leaders, and experts who help keep us on the forefront of the ever-changing technical landscape. And these dedicated crew are the driving force behind why Vanguard was recognized as one of Computerworld’s top ten Best Places to Work in IT.  In these blogs, our IT crew share their professional development story, the impact they’ve had on technology, and their internship experience.

IT worker

A Different Kind of Investment

“During my time here, I’ve seen Vanguard support a different type of investing – investing in their crew.” In this blog, IT Developer Elijah A. writes about how Vanguard has supported his professional development.

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Vanguard Crew Innovate New Technology through The Discovery Challenge

Solutions Architect Linda C. was able to coordinate the Discovery Challenge, a way for crew to submit their innovative ideas and ultimately influence technological advancements at Vanguard.

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Meeting Vanguard At The Grace Hopper Conference

Learn how Stephanie made her decision to accept an internship offer after spending time with Vanguard at the Grace Hopper Conference.

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