Starting your new job on the right foot

Congratulations, you got the job! Now, make a great impression from day one. Whether you’re waiting for your start date or already in your role, use this checklist for suggestions for each step in your new role, starting from the first day you officially join your team. As you go through the list, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to blow it out of the water right away. In fact, it may be best to just observe and ask questions before offering suggestions or taking charge. And know that it’s OK to be a little nervous.

Two Vanguard crew members talking about a project at a computer

Day one

  • Be prepared to talk about yourself a little–practice a brief overview of your background and be ready to share a fun fact about yourself!” Keep it to a minute.
  • Confirm your hours and any scheduling expectations with your leader.
  • For your first day, consider giving extra attention to your appearance and attire.
  • If your leader or a peer doesn’t do it, introduce yourself to your team.

Week one

  • Get the lay of the land–find the kitchen, meeting rooms, and best places to park.
  • Identify main contacts around the office for things like office supplies and IT support.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Intellectual curiosity is a great trait to display!
  • Confirm that you are added to key meetings–team meetings, client check-ins, etc.
  • Document what you’ve learned and any gaps in your understanding.
  • Once you have a sense of the dress code, it may be a good time to update your wardrobe.
  • Don’t forget to celebrate–you survived your first week!

Weeks two to four

  • Set up time with team members and other partners to get to know them and their working styles.
  • Do, or continue to do, some light reading about the industry, the company, or your role.
  • Set goals for yourself and list all the things you want to know more about.
  • Think about how to best organize your work and structure your day.

Month six

  • Confirm that you have a strong sense of your leader’s expectations.
  • Reflect and address your opportunity areas.
  • Create a plan to address any challenges you’re experiencing in the role.
  • Discuss your performance with your leader, even informally.
  • Celebrate your successes!

Vanguard crew member smiling while he works at his computer

Some of these tasks should continue beyond six months (you should never stop learning or reflecting!), so a great next step is identifying which tasks to include in your ongoing development plan. And when someone new joins your team, you’ll have some great tips to share.

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