Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: It’s a new day. A new day to have purpose. A day for forward thinking, exciting collaborating for dynamic problem solving, another day that empowers you with an entrepreneurial spirit to be bold, where great teammates come together in a cutting edge, always evolving environment that enables your talents and those around you to flourish and grow.

CHRIS T: From the youngest to the most senior, everyone is involved and everyone now has some skin in the game.

REBECCA T: There’s that incredible feeling that what I say, my input, really does matter.

AMY C: Every day coming in with that level of sort of empowerment, and passion, and alignment, it’s pretty powerful in an organization like Vanguard.

SPEAKER 1: At Vanguard, you’ll be part of a company at the front lines of changing the way the world invests, every day.

MATT B: You have the chance to be excellent in your role, and to contribute to making our entire organization better, and to driving real outcomes for our clients, link to that broader core purpose.

SPEAKER 1: A company with values that match yours, that makes every decision for their clients because it’s the right thing to do.

ANITA K: My passion for being at Vanguard is the three pillars– crew, community, and clients.

ARMOND M: This idea of we want to allow you to be involved in the community, and the culture really jumped out at me. I’d never seen it before.

SPEAKER 1: A company where leaders lead and champion your success.

DOUG S: It’s your responsibility to come to work every day thinking about how you can make the people who work for you better people, better at their roles, happier, more fulfilled, and more engaged.

ART F: Being able to see crew members who had those ideas at the very beginning–

SPEAKER 2: The highest return on the investment.

ART F: –actually be the ones that take them to the finish line, that was a powerful thing to see, and it makes every day exciting.

REBECCA T: Every place you work is not going to want to build you up as a person and as a professional. But Vanguard, they definitely do that here.

SPEAKER 1: At Vanguard, every day is a day to have an impact on the future, to be empowered, to find creative approaches, to be inspired to learn, to succeed.

ERIN K: When I think about my career, I don’t feel any limitations.

MATT B: When you come to Vanguard, you’re coming to work at an organization that is doing something big in the world, that is part of a purpose that is greater than all of us.


SPEAKER 1: Dont settle for just another day at the office. Insist on every day being a day to look forward to.