Video Transcript

PABLO RODRIGUEZ: Hi, I’m Pablo Rodriguez. I’m a team leader in our Institutional Mutual Fund Administration area. Mutual-fund administration executes the mutual-fund transactions for many of our institutional clients, such as third-party administrators, broker dealers, and intermediaries.

I lead two teams. One of my two teams audits the manual transactions that are processed for those mutual-fund transactions, and my other team is the automated processing which handles the reconciliation of any trades that fall out from our automated transactions.

Well, I actually work in our Arizona office. We partner very closely with our Pennsylvania counterparts. So my team gets in right around 9:30. At that point, the first part of my day is checking email– which I can do from home, using an app, or when I first get into the office.

A big part of my day is identifying opportunities to support my crew and move the business forward. Another interesting and fun aspect of my work is this process-improvement aspect. And that process improvement is working on many initiatives, whether it’s empowering my crew to move any gaps that they identify and to put suggestions through and do what I can to clear the way for them to move forward and run with that.

The other aspect of it is with my Automated Transactions team, where there is a lot of technology opportunities there, and there’s been various initiatives I’ve been part of to increase the capability of what our systems can handle. What I’m really excited about, as far as all the work that me and my team do, is, we’re able to accomplish so many great things that impacts our business but also our clients.