Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] EDUARDO: We are in the beginning of a new era for the company, the era where advanced analytics can really provide really some good insights to support our clients at the end of the day. That’s what we want.

RICHA: There is so much data that we are capturing– call data, web data. And data is great. It’s the backbone of the company. But somebody needs to make meaning out of it, right? So that really excited me to support Vanguard, such a big, established company, and explore the various options that we could do working for CAI. And I have worked with the data scientists who are managers, who are — the credentials speak for themselves. I get to learn every day.

DON: We’re investing in a new data science lab to create a great environment for our data engineers and our data scientists to work in day by day. Vanguard has a rich array of data, some well-explored, some still waiting for new analytic talent to explore– so many, many great opportunities, many marketing and servicing and retention and financial and operations problems still left to solve.

EDUARDO: One day, I got a question from a senior leader in the company, is what’s your secret for success. How do you develop a large and successful data science team? And my answer has been the same for 19 years. So I give them difficult problems to solve, because that’s what data science is all about. I think they have passion for solving problems.

DON: Vanguard is extraordinary in terms of the tenure that the analysts here, the data engineers, the data scientists build. We retain our folks. Folks come here and build careers.

RICHA: There’s never been a place where my manager’s manager has had one-on-ones with me in order to understand what my goals are, how I’m feeling here, what my feedback is about the manager. How cool is that? How great it makes you feel. It makes you feel that you’re valued.

EDUARDO: What makes Vanguard different is the people, is the culture, and the mindset. You compile all those things together, and you have a strategy to win.