Video Transcript

EDUARDO: So I joined Vanguard eight months ago from American Family Insurance Company out of Madison, Wisconsin. I had a very similar role in American Family, leading a data science team, bringing all the machine learning, AI, to the organization. So before that, I spent some time in San Francisco in Visa.

I don’t have an industry, specifically. I have analytics. That’s my passion. I’ve gone through a lot of evolution of when we started thinking about databases and relational databases and all the way through unstructured data. So I’m happy to see all the transformation that the new analytical capabilities bring to the table.

I had a really, really fun job before Vanguard. So for me, it was a really hard decision to make. So I was questioning about the company, questioning about the culture, questioning about the location. And to be honest, I did find the place that I can do what I do best, which is data science, with a culture that embraces changes, embraces new ways of thinking about driving value to our clients, embraces this ability to move forward.

So the opportunity for me to spin up a data science team, to do what I love to do, which is data science, and support the organization, support our clients, for me was a great opportunity. So I had a lot of conversations with a lot of folks at Vanguard before joining the company. And yeah, it was the right fit.

I like the people. I have a specific passion for my team and the challenges that we face every day. So I love that ability to solve problems. So I’m pretty excited about where this is going to take us in the future.

And ultimately, we have a purpose. And our purpose is really to help our clients at the end of the day to achieve their goals. If we can help solve this problem with analytics, that’s my motivation. So that’s why I come to work every day.