Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] RICHA: My name is Richa, and I work in the Center for Analytics and Insight. And I absolutely love it here. I’m a data engineer now. But in my previous life, which was not that long because I graduated in 2012, I did my master’s in computer science.

So following along the track, I was a software developer this whole time. But I took a lot of responsibilities, in terms of leadership, et cetera, which actually stood out to my manager. And I really wanted to change gears from traditional software engineering and turning into a data engineer.

So the fun part is that I get to work with brilliant minds who are doing all sorts of good things, like data science and machine learning but, at the same hand, work with IT, still get the gears of engineering going. So it’s a very good place for a hybrid.

I have a few friends who have been working at Vanguard for a long time. So I’ve always heard good stories about the work culture, how they take care of their employees, what the company stands for, how brilliant the people are working, senior leadership, and all the good stuff. But what was exciting was trying to extend a branch out and do advanced analytics.

Analytics is something that can really provide value to Vanguard. So that’s something where I thought that it’s a big company, but it’s almost like a startup team within Vanguard. So that combination to me stood out the most.

A major chunk of work that I do, in addition to my role as a data engineer, I’m also a product owner for Data Science Lab. Data Science Lab is a mindset. It’s a mindset from taking all of our work on-prem and moving it to the cloud. Instead of running the tasks manually on data scientists’ laptops or desktops, you want to take everything and automate it as much as possible on the cloud.

I know when I walk into the doors and open the door, I feel a sense of pride, because I know my skill set matches to what Vanguard needs. I know it’s the right place for me. There are very few places where you tell your manager, hey, I want to do this, and he makes it happen. But it happens here.

Eduardo is great. He’s my manager, and whatever I ask him, he does it. So that’s why I have this sense of pride that I’m marching towards the right direction. My career is going in the right direction. We together in CAI are going in the right direction.