Video Transcript

MEGAN VOGELSING: Hi, my name is Megan Vogelsing, and I’m a senior block and option trader. And I chose to work at Vanguard because the reputation that they have amongst the finance world is– they’re representing the basic investor, the everyday investors. So you don’t have to have a million dollars to have someone advocate for you out on Wall Street. You could have $10, and you’re going to be equally represented out there. So I chose it because I felt that they were going to help every single person that came in through their door.

So I will admit that when I first joined Vanguard and I decided to go for a trading role, I was nervous about the fact that, traditionally, there is more men in the business than women, and there was nothing to be nervous about, honestly. Everyone in my department has been so supportive. And I think the best way to say it is my current leader, what she does is every month she puts together a luncheon to try to get women in brokerage together, to all sit down, to talk about any concerns that they have about any sort of knowledge gaps that they have. And we all feel so supported.

They’ve given me a lot of support in my job. When I initially came in, you first join a company, you feel like sometimes not enough people are supporting you, and I found the opposite to be true at Vanguard I felt that every single person I asked for assistance, they would give it to me, and they would be so happy to do so. I felt that it was really important that they were supporting me, and one day. I hope that I can support someone like that.