Video Transcript

TAMARA: Vanguard works with a variety of different customers, from individual investors to institutional clients and even helping advisors serve their client base. In my current role, the best way to describe it is we really are a marketing team that sits embedded in Talent Acquisition. As the recruiting function has evolved, it has become much more like consumer marketing. And so, as a team, we think about how to engage with candidates and really meet them where they are in their job search.

When I think about what my team does on a day-to-day basis to connect great talent to Vanguard, I often think about the stories that I get to hear maybe three years from now, five years from now, when the folks that we attracted to Vanguard are in some of their dream jobs across the organization and really driving programs forward. And it’s really, really gratifying to know that we had a hand in that.

There’s a whole lot of reasons for why people love working at Vanguard. But for me personally it’s this concept of no sharp elbows. And so we really work in a team environment. And so there’s something really exciting about winning as a team and getting to celebrate as a team that really compels me and draws me here.

Advice I might give to crew who are interested in joining the team or joining Vanguard is really about bringing your own insight, your own perspective, and your excitement. As a team, we’re really looking to do new things. And so having all sorts of unique perspectives helps us make a better product.