Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] SIAVASH Z: There are a lot of different roles at Vanguard.

ROB Z: IT is Vanguard. Without the IT unit here, Vanguard doesn’t happen. Whether it’s a trade, sending emails, sending the bills out, everything is all backed by a different IT department.

ERIKA G: You could be doing anything from production support to doing an NGA project where you will be building some business value for a client.

AUDRA S: There’s an opportunity to do development, either in data, mid-tier, or UI. There are also different BSA roles you can get into. There’s security, global tech operation– so whatever we need to do to keep the lights on at Vanguard.

SIAVASH Z: Full-stack software development roles, where an employee would be doing front-end angular work. Most of our mid-tier’s in Java.

ERIKA G: And there are also some automation engineer roles here that you could get into.

SIAVASH Z: There are also new teams trying new technologies out. Security’s a huge concern because we’re a financial institution. We have a lot of sensitive client data.

ERIKA G: You could either become project manager and become a department head later down the line, or you can go down the technical route and later become a solution architect.

ROB Z: No matter where you go, who you speak to, everyone is willing to take 10 minutes out of the day– ensure that you have all the answers you need.

SIAVASH Z: Everyone just wants you to have work-life balance, which is interesting for a company.

ERIKA G: And there’s also a ton of mobility here. You could be on the business side one day, and you could be a tech lead the other day.

AUDRA S: Their commitment to the client experience and also the community around them was really important to me.

SIAVASH Z: I think it’s important to have your values match up with your company. And so it was really easy to see that it was a cultural fit for me.

ERIKA G: Being able to adapt to change really quickly and learning and growing as much as you can.

ROB Z: You not only need to know the IT aspects of your day-to-day role. You need to understand what Vanguard does as a business. So you need to be able to put on both the IT hat and the business hat.

SIAVASH Z: Someone who is passionate about technology, but also interested in working with people.

LINDSEY P: Really able to adapt to change– we’re moving really fast. But that makes it very exciting– so somebody who’s willing to figure it out along the way and learn as much as they can.

AUDRA S: What is going to make your experience special is the people around you and the company culture. And that’s what’s going to make your career long and happy.

ROB Z: Anywhere you go, anywhere you want to land, there is something that you can learn to do. There is a skill set that you currently have that’s going to be needed and applicable in every way.

AUDRA S: It’s a really great opportunity to work at Vanguard.

ROB Z: You cannot go wrong with coming to Vanguard.