Video Transcript

[MUSIC PLAYING] SEBASTIAN C: My favorite part about the summer has to be being able to give back at Classroom Central because it’s sort of touched me. I was actually a little choked up when we got there and heard the stories and what it is that they did there, because programs like Classroom Central actually helped me out when I was younger. And being able to give back and having that be sort of one of the major roles at Vanguard does and giving back really touched me.

PRAVADH S: I’d say the favorite all-around intern event that the company ran was the volunteer day, combined with a tour of the Phillies stadium. So we got to spend the first half of the day volunteering at Share Food, a place in North Philly which is focused on providing food to people who are less fortunate.

JAY I: Vanguard’s really committed to the community. I think that’s the biggest takeaway, especially today, but throughout the internship, in general. It’s been really empowering to see how the company really impacts everyone. The mission statement is “”all investors,”” and they do that with the community, as well.

JULIA L: I love how Vanguard is all about community. So we’re all kind of getting to know the other interns and the other staff. And it’s good to work in a team, so I like it.